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Why MELiUS’ Response to Digital Disruption is Focused on People, Processes and the Organization Itself and Not Necessarily Just on Technology


MELiUS is dedicated to growing new communities through the combination of unique marketing approaches with comprehensive education. What is involved here is the fusion of social learning as well as gamification which are inspired by blockchain and artificial intelligence tech. MELiUS seeks to create a people-centered digital disruption where learners can get receive top-notch content while staying updated with information about the market on the go. The people-centered approach taken by MELiUS is one of the reasons that it is currently being recognized as arguably the fastest growing brand in 2019 with the objective of impacting not just thousands of millions of lives.

The focus is not just on creating disruptive technology but on empowering people by giving them the right education on how powerful disruptive technology can be, and there’s a reason for this. The reason is that MELiUS wants people to be prepared for a future where adaptation to automation is seamless. That future is the age of advanced tech.

Only focusing on technology without giving individuals the right education will simply lead to failure as people need to understand how new technologies work and how they can harness its power for their own good. MELiUS believes that more has to be done in getting the younger generation prepared for the opportunities that lie ahead with disruptive technology.

How people-centered processes and education can transform the future


In order to significantly grow the level of interest and focus on blockchain and artificial intelligence, MELiUS understands that high-level education must be delivered to people who are new to the market. When we mention education, we are not making a reference to the traditional approaches of contemporary education. Traditional models today are highly limited and do not provide the kind of preparation that individuals need to take control of the future actively.

Education needs to take a more proactive approach when it comes to disruptive technologies and the role that they play in a modern digital age. Individuals must be made to grasp the function of technology in the transformation of society and must be taught in a way that helps them adapt to the realities better. It is now very obvious that the disruption level being experienced by the world today is so fast that it is becoming the norm for societies all over the world.

The benefits of focusing on people and processes, not on tech alone

The benefits of creating a people-centered approach towards disruptive technologies mean that opportunities can become more democratic for every person to become an innovator and an inventor. This opportunity can be used by nations for job creation, new industries creation, and skilled workforce creation to drive the growth of their economies and increase the level of competition.

By preparing individuals, MELiUS also hopes to equip individuals with the skills and mindset that they need to tackle social problems innovatively.

As technologies continue to grow exponentially, this trend will play off and eventually create new possibilities and challenges in design, thus, reinforcing the need for individuals to develop the right skills needed for competent lifelong learning.

MELiUS has therefore developed a collaborative hub it is actively creating revolutionary breakthroughs that are not only exciting but beneficial. The platform set up by MELiUS gives aspiring learners the much-needed opportunity for them to improve their understanding of blockchain while enhancing the skill set that they have as professionals, and this comes with a reward for participation, contribution, and learning.