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Top Industries Artificial Intelligence will Disrupt

Artificial Intelligence

The first industrial revolution came, and a lot was achieved at the time. However, it did not just end there, because the second and third industrial revolution came with their unique innovations and features, and at the moment, the fourth industrial revolution is already here, and there are indications that the innovations will be mind-blowing, we can see the signs already with innovations like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Quantum Computing, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, etc. It is amazing to see that these emerging technologies have performed well at different levels.

Artificial Intelligence is an innovative technology that utilizes computer abilities for the facilitation and implementation of tasks that will normally be dependent on the natural intelligence of humans, even up to the smallest detail; it is able to carry out different functions including speech recognition (regardless of the accent), language translations, decision making, and visual perception, among other functions. Artificial intelligence has the ability to cause disruptions in different industries, some of which include:

  • Healthcare

We cannot overemphasize how important healthcare is, and every moment, different researches are being carried out to provide better healthcare. Interestingly, there are endless possibilities for AI in this industry. At the moment, AI has been implemented for predictions, treatment procedures, automation of diagnostic tests, identification of patient groups with high risks, improvement of drug formulations, etc.

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  • Manufacturing

This is another industry where the implementation of AI will have positive impacts that will cause disruptions. AI will help with optimization and automation; hence, the requirement of complex knowledge will be made easy with AI. Furthermore, AI can augment decision making, and thus improve efficiency and productivity.

  • Customer Experience

We see the implementation of AI in this industry almost every day, and one way that this has been implemented is via chat-bots on the websites we visit, as they help attend to some queries from customers and site visitors.

  • Driver-less Cars and Ride-sharing

We have gotten to that point that some people envisioned several years ago, the point where cars would drive themselves. This is not just a theory anymore, as it has been tested at different levels, and some ride sharing companies have begun to invest in the driver-less cars that are AI-powered.

  • Computing and Software Development

AI has started making computers smarter, and the combination of various AI tech such as natural language processing, deep learning, machine learning, business rules, can also be applied to computing and the development of software to enhance the performance of the computers, and thus cause an improvement in productivity.

There are several more industries where AI will cause disruptions, including retail, technical support, Internet of Things (IoT), IT Service Management, Intellectual Property, Mining and Energy, Agriculture, Construction, Shipping, Aviation, Entertainment, Gaming, etc. the possibilities are endless, and there is some certainty that AI will help improve productivity, and also pave the way for the creation of a plethora of innovative technologies in the near future, and in different industries and sectors.

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