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The Power of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence


The advantage of artificial intelligence is used globally on a day-to-day basis.  If you think you have not encountered or experienced AI ever before, one common and probably the most famous sample is Siri. Ring a bell? Apple’s Siri, along with Google Home and Alexa, are the artificial intelligence applications that enable us to receive and answer questions on mobile without having to do scroll through our phone (few features it offers). With and through AI, we can get information faster and make people get access to whatever they need for business and personal use.

Without proper knowledge on what Artificial Intelligence can grant, numerous disputes that patronizing its use will begin to displace the human workforce. Contrary scenarios people paint is that the evolving of the AI might lead to the Robots replacing the ability of humans to do their jobs. Economic co-operation and development show that within 15 to 20 years from now, over 60 million jobs might become automated. However, Individuals tend to focus on the “negative impacts” they think AI yields, rather than embrace the positive effect and limitless opportunity it can proffer.

If you think of it, the use of the technology has been around for quite a while, but the matter is that it didn’t take jobs at that time; the only enigma was that there was no advancement in technology. The positive parts are that even though the technology has taken away some jobs, it also created lots more.

The convenience of the robots is to reduce the workload of humans, and it also means that these same humans can program, teach, and monitor the activities of the aforementioned. A lot of recent jobs require the use of Artificial Intelligence; all that is necessary to do is to have the right knowledge and tools to be as creative and as innovative. There are a lot of people who think having advancement in the technology would make things better in the world, one of the people who agree with it is the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos. Bezos shares his own opinion on how the advancement of artificial intelligence can be beneficial to everyone – see below.

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Instead of lamenting, individuals should begin to embrace it. Technological companies can create open source software to let other people gain access to the things that it has to offer. Everyone, including a young child, can access the use of AI. Now, anyone can create jobs with these resources that seemed to be difficult a couple of years back.

Artificial Intelligent responsibilities

The mission, core values, and ethics of any organization should correlate with the deployment of the AI for the benefit of the citizens in the world. The interaction between the commitment of people or organizations and the implementation of the AI, it creates a framework around AI and its users.


Uses of Artificial Intelligence

  1. To focus more on people

AI helps individuals adapt to their needs. It also helps people connect with other people digitally; during the past couple of years, there is the need of people to think and function like computers. Now, it is time for computers to think like humans. Organizations have made it possible for technology to serve citizens. Calculations that would take minutes to solve would only take seconds for the computer to calculate.

  1. To know real outcomes

To implement technology to the service of the public can be difficult, but some establishments can create a purpose for the AI. Strategies can be developed that can be incorporated around human beings, which can lead to real outcomes. Factors like company’s policies and procedures in helping the needs of individuals can help build a responsible AI for creativity and innovation.


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