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MELiUS Services

Commercial Information Services

We at MELiUS pride ourselves on delivering Commercial Information powerful insights and recommendations that are used by establishments and successful companies and business professionals to enhance their management strategies and business portfolios. Read more>> We are providing authentic data based on research and sharing experience of industry professionals. This allows our clients to make better decisions in their respective field of markets/businesses. We stream live information to our users as well as pre-recorded contents on our MELiUS Node platform.

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MELiUSLive is bringing the classroom to where you are. If you are on the move, on the beach or on your couch, our industry educator is with you. The challenge with crash courses or group lessons is that you have compressed content, that is hard to apply and maybe outdated as soon as you leave. Read more>> As an example, a market analysis today and tomorrow can be completely different as many factors are changing day by day. Studies also have shown that the progress of learning is being accelerated, if you learn on a constant basis and don’t get overloaded with information. Here at MELiUS we know, that information is only powerful, if you are able to apply and put learnings into action. That’s why with MELiUSLive, you are getting not only the tools to be successful, but also daily, interactive live streams, conducted by industry experts, so that we can hold you accountable for your success.

  • Interactive Live Stream
  • Chat Live with Educators
  • Live Stream available on iGoTrade app (coming soon)

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MELiUSVersity gives you access to an ever-growing digital knowledge base of online-courses, recorded live-sessions and learning material. All our courses are designed in a way that you can become successful easily. Read more>> They break down complex subjects into simple and easy-to-follow lessons. The content is available in multiple languages and is diversifying with the demand of our community. Through an extensive library of videos, learners have the opportunity to become accomplished entrepreneurs – supported by the tools of the MELiUS Ecosystem.

  • Gain access to proprietary courses crafted by industry experts.
  • 100+ hours of recorded live seminars conducted by industry professionals.
  • Career learning path designed for each markets.
  • Free courses/contents provided by Melius and community ambassadors.

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Promotional Gifts Preparing

At MELiUS one of our commitment is to provide high quality Melius branded products, stationary, and other material assets. We are constantly striving to make our users experience your preferred destination to tailor and create swag that’s functional, unique and stylish.

Events Management, Conferences & Seminars

One of the other service we provide for our users is coordinating events, conference and seminars and this where all the great minds meet to share their knowledge and experience. We provide such service for better user experience and compliment what they have learnt from MELiUS over the course of times.

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