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  • May 2017

    Concept and Idea

    The ideas and concept ignited from the existing foundational technological innovation; Cryptography and Blockchain, MELiUS is set to disrupt key industries such as Direct Selling, Forex Market and Education by harnessing the power of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

  • Problem Validation

    Reassuring and validating the issues that exist in the market and assess the need for a solution.

  • Jul 2017

    Refining unique selling proposition

    After a detailed market analysis, the unique selling proposition has been defined and will be constantly updated.

  • Market Size & Competition

    MELiUS is bridging three great industries to uniform a unique business opportunity; Blockchain ($20 bn by 2024), Direct selling industry ($167 bn) and FX Market ($1.1 Trillion a day)

  • Sep 2017

    Legal Review

    Assuring legality of the products and services, as well as a full and detailed analysis of the distribution model.

  • Strategic alliances with development partners

    MELiUS partnership with Key stakeholders what made the organization foundation solid, including our alliance with software development team, vendors, consultants, designers, research team, legal team and compliance team.

  • Technical design and specification

    The technical design and specification for the MVP has been completed. We will continue to adapt to our customers’ needs and expand features and new functions based on community voting.

  • MELiUS Ecosystem

    MELiUS ecosystem is constantly evolving with ever growing changes in the blockchain and financial markets. We have now introduced three platforms in MELiUS Ecosystem; MELiUS Node, MELiUS Marketing, MELiUS Market Indicator Platform.

  • Defining IBO Rights

    Our first version of IBO rights agreement paper has been released.

  • Feb 2018

    Strategic Alliances with industry experts

    Industry professionals in the space of Blockchain, Forex, Direct selling, academics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, made up a strong uniformed alliance.

  • Jul 2018

    Trade Mark

    Securing the MELiUS brand for the future.

  • Legal review of the compensation plan and business model

    As an international company we work together with lawyers and consulting firms to confirm the legality of our business model in the target markets.

  • IBO Compensation Plan has been finalized

    Designed by industry experts in the space of Direct Selling.

  • Nov 2018

    Multilingual Support – English and Spanish

    English and Spanish language has been released on both platforms; MELiUS Node and MELiUS Marketing. Further languages will be added based on market demands.

  • MELiUS Marketing Platform MVP

    The first MVP has been released for MELiUS Marketing platform.

  • MELiUS Marketing Pre-Launch

    Pre-registration is available from 15th of November and with full back-office access

  • Jan 2019

    MELiUS Visa/Master Card

    Currently in process of issuing MELiUS branded Visa/Master cards for the IBO/Customers. Further announcement shall be made in relation to crypto payments.

  • Compliance Mechanisms

    Currently working with industry leading firm in-compliance sector in USA, who work closely with FTC. Further announcement will be provided soon.

  • Sep 2019

    MELiUS Charity Foundation

    MELiUS is dedicated to creating a positive impact in the lives of children around the globe

  • MELiUS Market Indicator Platform

    In development stage

  • Sep 2019

    Blockchain Development

    Currently MELiUS platforms are in off chain. Our dedicated Blokchain development team is currently working on the Protocol layer; defining the consensus algorithm, network rules and policies and much more.

  • Community voting (pending)

    Currently in development phase.

  • Sep 2019

    Confidential product

    An exciting unique product based on Blockchain technology exclusive to IBO/Customers shall be announced in the coming months.

  • Incentive program

    Incentive program development phase has started.

  • MELiUS Marketing Smart Contracts (Pending)

    In development stage

  • Sep 2019

    MELiUS Marketing Gamification (Pending)

    Gamification is currently in research phase for IBO's and further announcement shall be made in due course.

  • Sep 2019

    Marketing Automation Platform (Pending)

    Currently in defining and specification stage, with our new dedicated development team for marketing automation software.

  • IBO Journey Planner powered by AI

    Confidential. Further info shall be provided in due course.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    The following projects will be powered by Artificial intelligence and machine learning; Virtual Up line, MELiUS Node and MELiUS marketing. Further announcements shall be made on this project in due course.

  • MELiUS Node MVP

    First beta version has been released.

  • Gamification

    Introduction of gamification and rewards feature

  • Social Learning Concept

    Learn from other professionals and community ambassadors or contribute back into the community to add value and get recognized.

  • Leader boards & Incentive program

    Climb your way up to the leaderboard by contributing, voting, completing courses and sharing contents and get rewarded for your efforts

  • Partnership with Industry Professionals

    MELiUS is continuously working to provide access to best training materials for its members, and it is only possible by working with industry professional trainers and educators.

  • Training Video Libraries

    All the key training live sessions are added to the respected course pages.

  • MELiUS Stream

    Gain access to daily live broadcast training sessions for various subjects, led by industry experts. Replay the session at any time on MELiUS Node platform

  • Partnership program (Pending)

    Currently in development phase

  • Conceptualization of Educational Events

    Creating the right environment for the MELiUS community to grow as a person and develop the skills and mindset needed to succeed as an independent distributor.

  • Community Channel Introduction

    Community channel is created to give users clarity on various topics and share contents in an organized fashion. This will help users subscribe to the relevant channels they wish to see on their dashboard.

  • Community Ambassadors (pending)

    Currently in development phase

  • MELiUS Node App

    In technical design phase

  • Incentivize for learning and contributing via smart contracts

    In discussion and defining the rule and policies