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Freedom to learn

Power to Grow

Knowledge takes us from where we are to where we want to go – and MELiUS provides a place for that transition to occur, with a comprehensive tool and feature set to support any goal.


A powerful simple interface

A growing list of expert courses

MELiUS Node is an interactive community-driven platform with courses, strategies, and live seminars produced and conducted by industry experts. It offers a unique combination of social and gamification features, with community forums and resources, and a reward system to incentivize contribution and participation.

Trust begins with knowledge .

Social Environment

Learning is better when shared. MELiUS Node allows learners to subscribe to their favorite teachers and mentors, earn achievements, and build prestige.


By rewarding learners for their time and contributions, achieved through smart contract technology, MELiUS Node adds a layer of interactivity and entertainment to learning.


The desire to grow is universal. That doesn’t change with the language we speak or the country we come from. With multiple-language support for each course, the MELiUS Ecosystem is available to any with the determination to realize their goals.


Our courses break down complex subjects into simple lessons. Through our extensive library of videos, learners have the opportunity to become accomplished entrepreneurs – supported by the tools of the MELiUS Ecosystem.


Our goal is to provide a best community driven platform to the masses, in an effort to increase human freedom and gain access to valuable resources in an unprecedented way

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