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MELiUS is Taking Online Information and Marketing to the Blockchain Level With AI and Innovative Thinking


Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence is a match made in heaven. While one is creating a democratic, open and decentralized marketplace, the other is offering insights and automated processes as never before. Can they also transform the vast and critical online learning sector? One company that is making breakthroughs in online learning technology with its blockchain and AI platform is MELiUS.

MELiUS is creating a complete ecosystem for online information in technology, marketing, and trading. They have developed the MELiUS ecosystem, which is an interactive learning space, offering cutting edge tools and services such as the MELiUS Node, MELiUS Live, and iGoTrade App.

With the promise of blockchain and AI, education too can be decentralized, made transparent and used for empowering learners. As per the founding members Moyn and Monir Islam, MELiUS is envisioned as a one-stop place for accessing a wide range of services.

MELiUS has made a breakthrough in commercial information services with the streaming of live information and pre-recorded content. This is authentic, research-based information that offers insights and recommendations to enhance business strategies and allow for better-informed decisions in global markets.

The MELiUS Live service takes online information one step ahead of today’s crash sessions. This is an interactive live stream, with live chat with instructors, and takes the knowledge process everywhere. More than that, the MELiUSVersity is where proprietary sessions will be available from experts, along with recorded live sessions, 100+ hours of recorded seminars, and content.

MELiUS is also taking a lead in mentoring and coaching for traders in cryptocurrencies and foreign exchange. The iGoTradeCCT is a mobile app driven by rich illustrations for trading strategies and live examples. The iGoTradeFX is an app for mastering the foreign exchange markets.

As an innovative company, MELiUS is constantly searching for new ways to give top-notch market knowledge. Moyn and Monir Islam put forth that the MELiUS community will combine online technology, information, and marketing as never done before, through social learning, gamification and the merged use of blockchain and AI. In turn, this high level of content and learning will further accelerate the growth of blockchain and AI technologies.