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Disruptive Technologies That Have Changed the World – Moyn Islam

Distributive technologies - Moyn Islam

It would be difficult, let’s say almost impossible to overlook the many changes that we have experienced in the last couple of years. This global change has hit various industries, and most people have referred to it as “disruption.” The issue here is that scholars are still having debates as to which technologies should be referred to as disruptive technologies.

While this debate is still on, I have come up with a list of three of the main technologies that have disrupted and would continue to disrupt many industries on a global scale.

The Internet

Only a few innovative people would have thought that there would be a time when people would be able to effectively communicate with each other, search information without necessarily leaving the comfort of their bed, send and receive emails. The internet made this possible and currently anyone who doesn’t embrace this efficient and life-changing tool is as old fashioned and refusing to change.

With an internet connection, we are able to gain access to loads of information that are written in different languages and stored a couple of years ago. The internet has also made it possible for people from all parts of the world to gain employment opportunities, meet people, and even work straight from their homes. The internet can be said to be the most disruptive technology of our time. Without the internet, our personal computers were simply used for calculating and writing, the evolution of the internet has given it more use cases.

The Blockchain Technology

The blockchain technology could be referred to as the most innovative technologies of the 21st Century. While banks have been integral parts of our lives, the blockchain technology is here to disrupt it. Imagine the possibility of national currencies (fiat currencies) disappearing forever. The possibility of having to control your own money. You do not need the approval of a central authority to transfer your funds. This is what the blockchain technology offers. While it is a distributed ledger capable of storing information in a safe, permanent, transparent, and immutable format, this technology is capable of disrupting how things are done in almost all industries.

One of the main ways the blockchain technology is used to disrupt the financial industry is through the development of cryptocurrencies or digital currencies. While these digital currencies are being regulated, one cannot ignore the giant steps they have taken in their ten years of existence. With more people coming to terms with the uses of the blockchain technology, not only will there be a full disruption of the financial industry, but other industries would also be disrupted.

Artificial Intelligence

In about a decade ago, books that were written about Artificial Intelligence were called “science fiction.” Now it is a reality. Artificial Intelligence is currently changing the world especially in certain industries the healthcare industry is one of them. This disruptive technology is currently being of great assistance in times and situations where the human physical ability cannot help.

Generally, computers are capable of processing information faster than humans could ever do. Aside from the speed, the volume of information that can be stored and retained in computers if stored on a human brain may make the person insane. Artificial Intelligence is seeking to disrupt the automobile industry with the development of self-driving cars. In the production of smartphones, Artificial Intelligence is currently disrupting the traditional methods. With the introduction of SIRI and other voice controls and commands integrated into the smartphones being examples. In time, this technology will disrupt almost all industries


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Moyn Islam is the Vice President and Founding Member of MELiUS.