18th, 19th, 20th October 2019


Mark your calendars. Get your tickets.
October is going to be a blast!

All roads lead to Cancun, Mexico for the MELiUS Global Launch Convention.

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MELiUS iGoTrade App Making Waves

iGoTrade App

The iGoTrade may be the newest in the market, yet it’s already making a buzz in the industry and is receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback with its multi-functional forex and crypto strategies.

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MELiUS is Taking Online Information and Marketing to the Blockchain Level With AI and Innovative Thinking


MELiUS is creating a complete ecosystem for online information in technology, marketing, and trading. They have developed the MELiUS ecosystem, which is an interactive learning space, offering cutting edge tools and services such as the MELiUS Node, MELiUS Live, and iGoTrade App.

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Is Education the Next Industry that Blockchain Will Disrupt – MELiUS


MELiUS builds a new community by combining a unique marketing approach and education that combines social learning with gamification all based on Blockchain and AI technology itself. Learners will get access to premium, high-quality content and always up to date market information that will be delivered daily via live-stream to the mobile app.

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