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Are you ready for the future of work?

Future of Work

Have you noticed the tremendous changes that are happing in the world today, especially when it comes to technological advancement? If you an internet lurker, you most likely would have noticed the revolutionary trends that are transforming the way we work and communicate with others.

Within the space of ten years, we have witnessed revolutionary innovations more than we have seen in 50 or 100 years combined. From artificial intelligence to Blockchain, machine learning, 3D printing, and even to the Internet-of-things, there seems to be no end to these tech advancements.

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While this may imply that we’ll have the chance to achieve what we once thought to be impossible, it may also pose a threat to our jobs. With the invention of AI and other cutting edge technology, many business processes and positions that were once occupied by humans are now handled by computers. As it appears, more and more people are losing their jobs to computers and AI. Which begs the question; what hope is there for the working class?

  • Humans versus computers

In the past, employees didn’t have to worry about anything other than taxes and global competition. No doubt, times have changed.  Nowadays, employees may have more to worry about, aside from taxes and global competition. As a matter of fact, there probably won’t be enough work in the future, since most of the business processes in our modern-day society are now committed to computers and machine. Automation folks! Automation is the latest trend in today’s economy, and it has the potential to create more jobs or rob us of our current positions.

Despite the fact that this may seem like a quandary for future generations, it may very well have consequences on the citizens of today’s world. On the other hand, there still exist a few individuals who believe that there may be a silver lining in this dilemma.

They believe that there is a high probability that artificial intelligence and emerging technologies will create new jobs for the working people, in the nearest future. While this might seem like the complete opposite of what we are experiencing today, there seems to be some truth in this theory.

But then again, we can’t stop ourselves from worrying about our possible future and the likelihood of automation and artificial intelligence working in our favor. For this reason, many people (rust belt workers) have committed their hopes to the seemingly-capable hands of politicians.

So far, the United States of America has been able to support workers by incentivizing them to work even as it boosts production output (from what it was in World war II), by automating a good percentage of its production processes.

Maybe we can rely on our government and elected politicians to provide solace for us in the event of a machine apocalypses, or we can hope for a future where automation gives room for human effort. Whatever the case may be, your comfort and prosperity moving forward; will come down to three things; Your assertiveness, choices, and actions.

  • How to succeed in a machine-infested universe?

If we are to survive and thrive in the forthcoming digital economy, we would have to be more human than the machines and savvier than artificial intelligence. In order words, we have to develop apt skills that will put us at the helm of power; where we’ll get to monitor the robots, run their codes, fix their faults, or operate their grounded units.

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